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Stomach Cancer

Diet After a Total Gastrectomy

A total gastrectomy is the surgical removal of the stomach, usually because of stomach cancer. People with a total gastrectomy nee...

Food for Settling Your Stomach

Chances are you can recall some of the home remedies used to calm your upset stomach when you were a child. If foods like plain to...

Foods to Prevent Stomach Cancer

While many people are well aware of the major causes and risk factors for various cancers, such as smoking and excessive alcohol c...

3 Types of Stomach Tumors

Stomach cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer globally, however, it proves far less common in the United States. The A...

Life After a Complete Gastrectomy

A complete gastrectomy is a surgery that removes all of the stomach. A gastrectomy is typically used to treat several disorders an...

The Best Foods for Stomach Cancer Patients

An important part of treatment for stomach cancer is a nutritional diet with the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins an...

Problems With Preservatives

Preservatives are chemical ingredients added to processed foods to prevent growth of bacteria and mold, delay spoiling and make th...

Types of Stomach Cancer

The National Cancer Institute describes the stomach as a J-shaped organ in the upper abdomen that is a component of the digestive ...

First Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, develops in the tissues lining the stomach. According to the National Cancer Society, ...

What Are the Treatments for Adenocarcinoma Stomach Cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute, almost all stomach cancers, also called gastric cancers, are adenocarcinomas, arising ...
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