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Torn Muscle

Exercises for a Torn Calf Muscle

A calf muscle tear, or strain, can occur when muscle tension is excessive due to too much repetition or high force. A partial tear...

Rectus Abdominis Muscle Injury

The rectus abdominis is a large muscle in the center of your abdomen that extends from your ribs to the front of your pubic bone. ...

What Are the Treatments for a Torn Gastrocnemius Muscle?

A torn gastrocnemius muscle is a severe injury to the back of the calf area of the leg. During a muscle strain, the muscle tissue ...

How to Repair Torn Muscles in the Abdomen

Torn abdominal muscles are also referred to as sprains and involve tearing of the supporting muscle fibers. This causes pain, infl...

Vitamins for Torn Muscles & Ligaments

Muscles and ligaments provide support for your skeleton, and the function of these tissues is essential for proper posture, physic...

Lateral Hamstring Tendinopathy

Numerous conditions can cause lateral hamstring tendinopathy. The term tendinopathy describes an injury to a tendon. Tendons consi...

Symptoms of a Torn Calf Muscle

The calf, or lower leg, consists of two major muscles: the gastrocnemius -- the large muscle on the back of the calf -- and the so...

Supplements to Repair Torn Muscle

Torn muscles, also known as muscle strains, occur when one or more of your muscles is stretched beyond its natural length. Muscle ...

List of Muscle Injuries

Properly functioning muscles perform only one duty, contraction. Muscles enable the body to sit, to move and to stand upright. The...

Exercises You Can Do with a Torn Abdominal Muscle

An abdominal muscle tear, or strain, can occur from overstretching or overusing the muscle and is a common injury among tennis pla...
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