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Type 2 Diabetes

Possible Complications of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can lead to many complications if blood glucose levels are not controlled. Some complications include heart diseas...

Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Choices for Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices have been found to improve (and in some cases reverse) Type 2 diabetes. ...

Alternative Medicine and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Studies show that some vitamin supplements, spices, acupuncture and meditation may improve symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. ...

Tests and Diagnosis for Type 2 Diabetes

Two common diagnostic tests for Type 2 diabetes are a blood glucose test and a hemoglobin A1c test. ...

What Are the Characteristics of Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs because the body is not producing enough insulin or is not able to use insulin effectively enough. Type 2 diabete...

Complications of Untreated Type 2 Diabetes

Untreated type 2 diabetes can lead to severe complications resulting in reduced quality of life or even death.Type 2 diabetes is a...

Diets for Type 2 Diabetes & High Cholesterol

The majority of the people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation, and i...

What Causes Loose Stools in Adults?

The colon normally absorbs the majority of water in fecal material, leaving soft, solid stool. Dietary intake, infections and dige...

Foods a Borderline Diabetic Should Avoid

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one of every three U.S. adults has borderline diabetes, also known as prediabetes. ...

Herbal Alternatives to Metformin

Metformin, a prescription drug widely used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, helps control blood glucose levels and also increa...
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