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Water Aerobics

Swimming Effects on the Cardiovascular System

Swimming is a form of aerobic exercise that aids in the improvement of strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. According ...

Water Exercises for SI Joint

The sacroiliac, or SI joints, are shock-absorbers that connect your spine to your pelvis and transmit forces from your upper body ...

Thigh Exercises in a Pool

When you're looking for a way to change up your thigh workout and stay cool at the same time, exercising in the pool might be just...

How Does Physical Exercise Affect Bone Structure?

Exercise is one of the key lifestyle changes you can make to improve the health of your bones. Regular bouts of low-impact strengt...

The History of Water Aerobics

Thousands of years ago, water therapy was used for both religious and medicinal reasons. Over time, the use of water for therapy a...

Tools for Aqua Therapy Water Aerobics

Aqua-therapy, or water aerobics, provides an effective cardiovascular and strength training workout. When in the water, you reduce...

Free Water Aerobics Exercises Using Water Dumbbells

When someone mentions pool exercise, many automatically imagine endless hours of swimming laps back and forth. While this is a typ...

Free Shallow Water Aerobics Exercises

Water-based exercise is the best low-impact exercise you can participate in, according to the American Council on Exercise. The in...

Training Swimsuits for Women

Choosing the right women’s swimsuit depends on the kind of training you plan to do. Swimsuits for competitive swimming, lap ...

How to Teach Water Aerobics

Teaching water aerobics can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Because water aerobics is a low-impact class that is very ea...
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