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30-Day Slim Down Challenge Day 3: Find Out the Number of Calories in Your Family Recipes

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30-Day Slim Down Challenge Day 3: Find Out the Number of Calories in Your Family Recipes
Veggies today, healthy tomorrow. Photo Credit LIVESTRONG.COM; Adobe Stock

You should already be using the LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker to document your food and exercise, but did you know it also helps you create and track your own healthy recipes?

Now there’s a way to enjoy your favorite dishes and cherished family recipes anytime, while still ensuring that they support your weight-loss goals.

Tracking your recipes gives you insight into the food you prepare so you can see how healthy it really is. Entering a recipe is quick and easy:

  1. Click the "Track" button to go to the LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker
  2. Click on the "My Recipes" tab (located below the list of daily meals)
  3. Click "Create A Recipe" to start building your custom recipe
  4. Give your recipe a name and upload a picture for reference (optional)
  5. Specify whether you’d like to share your recipe with the LIVESTRONG.COM community or keep it for your own private use
  6. Follow the steps as it guides you through building your recipe (adding ingredients and quantities and listing detailed instructions)
  7. Categorize your recipe and add final details, then click "Create Recipe"

Boom — it’s that easy! This tool allows you to modify your recipes to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism, and also to substitute healthier ingredients as you see fit.

Plus, as part of the LIVESTRONG.COM community, you can share recipes, tips and secrets to help others succeed. There are already hundreds of existing recipes you can browse, prepare and track. It’s like having your own customized cookbook just a few clicks away to help you stay on track by eating food that’s both healthy and delicious. Now that’s a recipe for success!

Some Yummy Recipes to Try:

The MyPlate Calorie Tracker is available on desktop and for iOS and Android devices.

Print Out the 30-Day Slim Down Calendar

Isn't it so satisfying to check things off of your to-do list? Each day during the 30-Day Slim Down, you're accountable for five key steps: tracking breakfast, lunch and dinner; tracking your water intake; and either walking or running.

We created a helpful calendar to keep you on task for all 30 days. Print it out and check off each activity as soon as you complete it.

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Readers – Are you joining us in the 30-Day Slim Down Challenge? If so, what is your weight loss goal? Have you ever done a weight loss fitness challenge group before? How did it go for you? Have you joined our LIVESTRONG.COM 30-Day Slim Down Group on Facebook? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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