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Is Lemon a Natural Diuretic?

| By Shemiah Williams
Is Lemon a Natural Diuretic?
Is Lemon a Natural Diuretic? Photo Credit Image from Microsoft Image Clip Art

Lemons are one of nature's most prized possessions. They can be used in cooking, cleaning and in many natural home remedies. They also function as a natural diuretic. Lemons are a natural diuretic and laxative when used and consumed in warm or hot water.


Diuretics are used to treat conditions such as edema, a significant accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Because diuretics have the ability to remove additional salt from the body, they are often prescribe for people with high blood pressure. Many people still prefer a more natural or homeopathic approach to remedying various conditions. In addition to functioning as a diuretic, lemons are also known to treat gingivitis, stomatitis, cold symptoms, constipation and inflammation of the tongue.


As a diuretic, lemon is used to treat urinary tract infections because it induces urination. When used regularly for a specific period of time, it will ultimately cleanse the urinary tract and correct the imbalance in urine. For people who have high uric acid problems, such as those with arthritis or rheumatism, lemon is an effective diuretic because it flushes out toxins and bad bacteria. Lemons are also effective for people with diabetes. By using it as a diuretic, they can help to reduce the amount of salt retained in the body.

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Time Frame

Prolonged use of lemons can have some negative effects on the body. If you're noticing that you have some bloating and want to use them or if your doctor suggests doing so, proceed with using them. However, keep an eye out for when the symptoms subside and cease use. While helpful, lemons as a diuretic should only be used when needed. It is okay to continue to consume them in smaller quantities in foods and beverages.


Although lemons have many wonderful natural properties, if used daily they can cause the teeth enamel to erode. Prolonged use can cause the greater erosion down to the gum level. Using additional water in a lemon and water mixture or drinking more water per day should reduce this likelihood. If you are concerned, consider discussing this with your dentist. If you have existing gum problems, you may need to find an alternative.

Lemons are often used to induce weight loss because of their detoxifying properties. Always consult your doctor or a health professional before using lemons regularly or as a part of a weight loss plan. Without proper management or balance with your diet, using lemons can cause severe dehydration as well as a potassium deficiency.


Lemons like other fruits can go bad. Lemons can be stored at room temperature for approximately 2 weeks and 6 weeks in the refrigerator thereafter.

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