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Can Homemade Hair Treatments Make Hair Grow?

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Can Homemade Hair Treatments Make Hair Grow?
If you wish for long locks, you'll have to wait for the natural growth cycle to occur. Photo Credit Michael Blann/Photodisc/Getty Images

What you eat and the products you apply to your hair can make it healthy, but nothing can speed up its rate of growth. Homemade treatments may promise long, lustrous locks, but no topical treatment can affect hair growth -- nor can shaving, dyeing or combing. Plucking a hair from a resting hair follicle can stimulate growth in the folicle where the hair was removed but not in the surrounding hair.

Healthy Hair

Physical factors, such as pregnancy, illness and certain chronic conditions, can affect your rate of hair growth. Homemade hair treatments don't affect the hormones that control hair growth, so they can only take care of the hair you already have on your head. Scalp massage and vitamin treatments may make the hair you have look better, but they won't expedite length. Trichologist Oscar Klein told Cosmopolitan magazine that including meats, nuts and dairy in your diet provides adequate amounts of zinc and biotin, nutrients that support healthy hair. With these nutrients, your hair is likely to grow to its genetic potential.

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