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Home Remedies for Stomach Pain in Children

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Children often have tummy aches. Possible causes range from trivial to serious-- indigestion, overeating, anxiety, food allergies, gas, infections, poisoning from swallowing pills or eating something like soap. Parents should try to determine what caused their child's stomachache. Call the pediatrician if you are worried about serious illness or the stomachache worsens or persists more than a few hours. If the cause seems to be mild, you can treat the tummy ache at home.

Fennel Seeds

According to the book "Healing Without Medication," by Robert Rister, fennel seeds are a good way to help relief stomach pain in children. When children have repeated stomachaches or pains, parents should consider giving them fennel seeds. Fennel seeds help to improve muscle and ligament movement in the stomach, get rid of excess waste and promote healthy digestion. They can be taken orally with food.


Stomach acid can be a cause of stomachaches and pains, according to Mother Nature. Improper digestion can cause excess stomach acid. Mother Nature recommends looking for antacids that have a high concentration of calcium and magnesium, minerals that help to improve constipation and remove excess waste.

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Warm Compress

If a child is experiencing an upset stomach, a good way to relieve the pain is to use warm compression on the area that hurts. The "Natural Health Magazine" says that a water bottle containing warm water or a washcloth soaked in hot water and applied to the tummy for 10 minutes or more will relax cramps and promote healthy blood circulation.

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