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How Many Calories Are in 2 Sausage Links?

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How Many Calories Are in 2 Sausage Links?
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Sausage links are a preparation of finely chopped or ground meats, often mixed with seasonings and other ingredients such as added flavorings, encased in a thin membrane, according to Encyclopedia.com. Meats used in sausages include pork, beef, chicken and turkey.


The calories in two sausage links vary due to the types of meat used. In a two link serving there are 133 calories for brown and serve sausage, 87 calories for brown and serve lite maple sausage, 113 calories for fresh pork sausage and 80 calories for precooked turkey sausage, according to Fat Secret.


Fat content is an important feature in the calorie count of each sausage type and also contributes to the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in each two link serving. Fat calories in brown and serve sausage are 107, with 4 g saturated fat and 20 mg cholesterol. Fat calories in brown and serve lite maple sausage are 53, with 6 g saturated fat and 23 mg cholesterol. Fat calories in fresh pork sausage links are 87, with 3 g saturated fat and 23 mg cholesterol. Fat calories in precooked turkey sausage are 47, with 5 g saturated fat and 37 mg cholesterol.


Sausage links also contain a fair amount of sodium for their size. Two links of brown and serve sausage provides 327 mg sodium, representing 13 percent of the sodium recommended daily allowance. Brown and serve lite maple sausage links provide 300 mg sodium. Fresh pork sausage provides 233 mg sodium and precooked turkey sausage provides 327 mg sodium.

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