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What Are Exercises for Back Fat?

author image Judy Bruen
Judy Bruen is a private certified personal trainer and wellness coach. She holds dual master's degrees from Boston College in clinical social work and pastoral ministry. She currently works with individuals on fitness, health and lifestyle goals.
What Are Exercises for Back Fat?
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Strength training exercises can help transform back bulge and fat into muscle. Your efforts will become visible after overall weight loss and muscular toning occurs. Do at least 150 minutes of cardio each week, two or three strength training sessions and eat mostly whole grains, lean sources of protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables to achieve a weight that is healthy for you. Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Resistance Band Rows

Resistance band rows strengthen your biceps and lats, the broadest muscles on your back. Toning them will help tighten upper back flab. Hold one handle of the resistance band in each hand and hang your arms by your sides. Step both feet onto the resistance band and position them shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, stick your hips out behind you and straighten your back. Bend forward 45 degrees. Move your hands under your shoulders, turn your palms toward one another and pull your shoulder blades down and together. Slowly pull the handles next to your chest without flaring your elbows. Pause, lower and complete 12 to 20 repetitions, stopping when your back muscles fatigue. Widen your stance or use a band with greater tension to increase difficulty.

One-legged Dumbbell Rows

The one-legged dumbbell row challenges the biceps and lats while improving balance and coordination. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and position your feet shoulder-width apart. Straighten your back, then pull your shoulder blades down and together. Lift your right foot off the floor and lower your chest 45 degrees while maintaining a straight back. Position your arms under your shoulders and turn your palms toward one another. Lift the weights next to your chest without flaring your elbows. Lower your arms and complete 12 to 20 repetitions, stopping when your back muscles fatigue. Use a heavier weight if you finish 20 reps without fatiguing. Use a lighter weight if you can’t finish 12 reps or are unable to maintain correct form.


Supermans tone the lower back, glutes and arms. Lie on your stomach, extend your arms overhead and rest them on the floor, palms facing down. Lift your head off the floor and align your neck and shoulders. Bend your arms and legs slightly -- never completely straighten them during the exercise. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs a few inches off the floor without moving your torso. Stop when your lower back arches slightly and you feel muscular tension in your arms and shoulders. Hold for five seconds, then lower your arms and legs to the floor. Do this 12 to 20 times, stopping when your back muscles fatigue.

Bridge Knee Lifts

Bridge knee lifts tone the lower back, butt, hips, hip flexors and inner thighs. Lie on your back, bend your legs and place your feet on the floor beneath your knees. Rest your arms by your sides and look up. Tighten your stomach muscles, then lift your hips into alignment with your shoulders, lower back and knees. Lift your right foot off the floor, then pull your right knee toward your chest without dropping your hips. Lower your foot to the floor, then lift and pull your left knee toward your chest. Lift each knee 12 to 20 times, stopping when your lower back fatigues.

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