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Back Exercises

Back Exercises Without Weights

A strong back leads to better posture and ease of movement in sports and everyday tasks. Build a healthy back with body weight exe...

Exercises for Building Mass in Your Back

Your back contains multiple muscles. Going from bottom to top, you have the erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and trapez...

Lat Exercises at Home

Your latissimus dorsi muscles or lat muscles can be found in the middle of your back and, according to Shape Fit, are responsible ...

Exercises for Upper Back Fat for Women

No woman likes to get all dressed up to go out, turn to look in the mirror and realize that she has fat hanging over her bra. Unli...

Back Compound Exercises

Most back exercises are compound exercises. They work several muscle groups at one time and burn more calories than isolation exer...

Exercises to Make Your Back Stronger

A strong back looks good in a tight tank, but also supports healthy posture and daily function. Work these muscles with resistance...

Tennis Ball Back Exercises

Besides its use as a fetch toy for a dog or for playing tennis, a tennis ball can serve beneficial purposes for your muscles. Tennis balls are often used in exercise to aid a person in stretching the back muscles. Numerous exercises help stretch your back in a way that typical stretching cannot accomplish. Be sure to consult your physician before performing any of these exercises.

Exercises to Tone Midriff & Lower Back

The midriff area is located below the chest and above the pelvis. When it comes to this area and the lower back, fat has a tendenc...

Exercise Equipment for People With Bad Back & Knees

The wide range of exercise equipment in most gyms and fitness facilities look tempting, but may cause more harm than good. Various...

How To Fix Slouching

A rounded upper back, sometimes called a slouch, is correctly called hyperkyphosis. Hyperkyphosis can be caused by a number of fac...
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