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10 Ways to Raise the Kundalini

author image Angela Brady
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10 Ways to Raise the Kundalini
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Kundalini is a spiritual energy that is believed to sit nestled at the base of the spine in your root chakra. Kundalini yoga practitioners believe it to be the manifestation of your female energy, with your male energy resting at the top of the head in your crown chakra. The goal of raising Kundalini is to help this energy rise up your spine, activating each chakra along the way, until it meets with the Shiva, or male energy, to produce enlightenment. There are many ways to raise Kundalini, but what they all have in common is an intense self-awareness combined with a sense of spiritual abandon that leaves you open to conscious awakening.


Sit quietly and focus your attention on that spiritual energy known as Kundalini. Encourage it to rise up your spine to the top of your head. Don't just think about the process -- see it happening in your mind. Keep all of your attention focused on the process.

Tie a Knot

Tying the knot is a separate form of Kundalini meditation. After clearing your mind, imagine your Kundalini energy as a ball of light in your lap. Take it in your hands, and rotate your hands around each other as you slowly raise your arms. When the energy in your hands is overhead, tie a knot. Repeat the process twice more, and tie the final knot three times.

Breath Work

Use breath work while meditating, doing asanas or any other activity that does not require your full concentration. Inhale and exhale from your belly through your mouth to produce fire breaths, or breathe deeply through alternate nostrils to balance and activate your male and female energies.


Unstructured dance allows your body to create heat while your mind is free to wander. Forget every dance step you've ever learned and simply allow your body to move however it wants to. Play meditative or inspirational music, or dance to a song in your head. Be careful with lyrics, as they can distract you and be counterproductive.


Chanting or silent devotion to the deity of your choice can raise Kundalini by forcing your attention inward and honing your concentration. Don't pray for something, or you'll move toward material thoughts. Pray instead for a better understanding of and relationship with your god.

Walking or Rowing

Aerobic exercise raises Kundalini in a way similar to dancing, but has the added meditative benefit of repetitive motion. Walking and rowing are especially useful because they can be done indoors on machines so you can do it safely with your eyes closed. Wear headphones and listen to white noise or meditative music to block out noise. Never attempt to do meditative exercise alone outside, especially near traffic or other hazards.


Kundalini yoga consists of a series of asanas that are similar to familiar Hatha yoga poses, but they are done in succession and involve extra steps such as arm and leg waving. This adds an element of unbridled physicality similar to dance, and helps the body raise heat.


Kundalini resides very near the sexual chakra, and many proponents belive that Tantrism helps free the trapped energy. The fact that the unification of Kundalini and Shiva is mirrored in the Tantric activity itself provides vivid imagery that helps guide the process along. This method is more successful if both parties are educated in Tantrism and are both trying to raise Kundalini.


Pilates exercises are core-based and tend to produce "belly heat" that adherents believe can help free Kundalini energy. Many of the moves like single-leg stretch and the "hundred" involve arm and leg waving similar to Kundalini asanas, and can help raise the energy in similar ways.


To concentrate fully on the music, shut out as much other stimuli as possible; sit in the dark and turn the volume loud enough to shut out external noise. You must be able to hear every nuance in the music. Focus all of your concentration on the music; don't let it create pictures in your mind, don't reminisce, and don't let your mind wander. Just stay with the music. The type of music doesn't matter -- use whatever moves you -- but be careful with lyrics that may prove distracting.

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