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P90X Ab Exercises

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P90X Ab Exercises
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P90X is a workout system done in your home led by fitness enthusiast Tony Horton. As part of the workout, P90X includes an "Ab Ripper" component, comprised of 12 exercises. At 25 reps per exercise, the P90X program targets all aspects of your core, including your transversus abdominus, rectus abdominus, hip flexors, as well as your external and internal obliques.

Exercises One to Three

"In and Outs" begin the program. From a seated position on your exercise mat, you kick your legs straight out in front of you, then bring the knees back into the chest. Challenge yourself by straightening your arms overhead instead of resting on the floor. In and Outs is followed by the "Bicycle." You mimic riding a bicycle, by flexing your heels and pedaling forward for 25 reps. Follow that up with the "Reverse Bicycle which has you pedaling backward for 25 reps.

Exercises Four to Six

Stay seated on your mat for "Crunchy Frog." Take your arms off of the floor and curl them around your knees as they are brought into the chest. So like the "In and Outs", extend your legs out, but wrap your arms around your knees as they come into the chest. Lie down for the "Crossed Leg/Wide Leg Situps". Spread your legs, put one hand behind your head and raise the other arm to the ceiling as you roll up and touch the opposite foot. To make the exercise more challenging, bring your legs to a crossed leg or pretzel position. Stay in a lying down position for the "Fifer Scissors" and lift one leg straight to the ceiling while the other leg is hovering a few inches above the floor so your legs look like scissor blades. Flex your feet and change legs every three seconds for one rep.

Exercises Seven to Nine

Lie down on the floor for the "Hip Rock n’ Raise" with the soles of your feet touching and your knees bowed out. Without letting your feet come apart, bring your legs up and push your hips to the ceiling. Still lying on the floor, bring your legs perpendicular to the floor or straight up from your hips, heels flexed. Use your lower abs to pull the glutes off of the floor, keeping your legs above your hips. Keep your legs as straight as possible and push your heels as high to the ceiling as you can for "Pulse-Ups" or "Heels to Heaven." Transition into the "Roll-Up/V-UP Combos." Lie down and keep your arms straight in front you -- don't let them go behind your head. Touch your toes and while you come back, your legs come up and you reach for your toes again, getting your back off of the floor.

Exercises Ten to Twelve

Lie down on your right side for the "Oblique V-Ups" with your left hand behind your head and your right arm close beside you. Take your legs out straight in front of you about 30 degrees with heels touching. The goal is to keep your feet together as your legs lift off the floor, bringing your elbow to your knee. Repeat on the left side.The "Leg Climbs" exercise is the only exercise where you will have less than 25 reps, as you will do 12 reps per leg. One leg will be 45 degrees off of the ground, where you will reach up with both hands trying to “climb” your upper body up your leg until you reach your toes. The other leg can be fully extended for the easiest version of the exercise; or at a full bend with the heel touching your glute for the most challenging version of the exercise. Finish off your Ab Ripper workout with the "Mason Twist." Pivot from a seated position with knees bent and hands clasped together. Rotate back and forth as rapidly as possible, trying to touch your hands to the floor each time you rotate your torso.

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