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How to Get Bigger Hips & Thighs Naturally

author image Kevin Rail
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How to Get Bigger Hips & Thighs Naturally
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The hips and thighs contain several large muscles in the lower body, such as the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. When these areas are excessively lean, you are not in physical danger, but you might feel self-conscious. Boosting your size will not only give you back confidence, but it will also give you more strength to play sports and perform daily functions. To do this the natural way, perform key exercises and make a couple changes to your diet.

Step 1

Add calories to your current intake to promote weight gain in your hips and thighs. According to the University of Illinois McKinley Health Center, 250 to 500 additional daily calories will promote 1/2 to 1 lb. of weight gain a week. Make this addition to your current intake and keep your calories clean by choosing high-nutrient foods like lean beef, poultry, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, oils, dried fruit and starchy vegetables.

Step 2

Eat five or six times a day. This will make it easier to achieve your increased calorie goal. Start your day with a meal and eat every two to three hours afterward. A soft whole-grain tortilla with beans, rice and chopped up lettuce is a meal, for example.

Step 3

Execute a set of dumbbell squats to work your thighs and hips. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and hold the weights down at your sides with your palms facing in. Lower yourself down by bending your knees and stop when your thighs parallel the floor. Rise back up steadily and repeat. Keep your abs tight throughout to stabilize your spine.

Step 4

Stand in front of a weight bench to do split leg squats. Hold a padded body bar or barbell across the top of your back, lift your right leg behind your body and place the top of your right foot flat on the bench. Keep your abs tight and back straight as you bend your left knee and lower your body. Stop when your thigh parallels the floor and rise back up. Repeat for a set of reps and switch sides.

Step 5

Hold a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs to do stiff leg deadlifts. Turn your palms so they face your body and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Keep your abs tight and bend forward at the waist as you lower the weights toward the floor. Push your butt backward as you do this and stop when you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings. Rise back up in a steady motion, squeeze your glutes for a second and repeat.

Step 6

Strap a rubber resistance loop around your lower legs to do abductor step-outs. Position the loop right above your ankles and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips and take a lateral step to your right side while pushing against the band. Place your foot down, move your left foot over and pause for a second. Lift your left foot up and step laterally to your left side the same way. Continue to alternate back and forth. Keep your knees slightly bent and abs tight throughout the exercise.

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