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Exercises to Tone Your Stomach, Arms, Hips, Thighs & Butt

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Exercises to Tone Your Stomach, Arms, Hips, Thighs & Butt
Bicep curls help tone and strengthen your arms. Photo Credit Dkal Inc./Digital Vision/Getty Images


A healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise help keep you at a healthy weight. Adding resistance exercises to your routine can increase your endurance and stamina, which contributes to better aerobic workouts with less chance of injury. Strength training also helps tone common problematic areas such as the stomach, arms, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Stomach Exercises

Stomach-toning exercises include abdominal crunches, sit-ups and bicycles. Less known exercises can also tone your core. Grab a medicine back and do seated trunk rotations to target your obliques or hold the ball and move it from one hip to the opposite shoulder before switching sides. Intensify your abdominal workout by performing crunches on a stability ball.

Arm Exercises

The arms have two main muscles, the biceps and the triceps. Work these muscles with dumbbells, a barbell or a medicine ball for the best results. Do bicep curls and triceps extensions at least twice each week to tone the area and create long, lean arms. Alternatively, use your own body weight to do pushups, which work the entire upper body.

Hip Exercises

Hip-strengthening exercises rehabilitate painful or swollen hips and prevent further injury to the area. Extending the leg out to the back or side from the hip also help increases the mobility of the hip, according to Quick Care’s self-care advisory website. Knee raises strengthen your hip while increasing your flexibility. When doing knee raises, do not raise your knee higher than your waist to avoid risk of injury.

Thigh Exercises

The thighs are common causes for complaint, especially among women. Simple exercises such as squats and lunges work the thigh’s major muscles, the quadriceps and hamstrings. If you’re a beginner, try these exercises with just your body weight or add dumbbells or a barbell if you want a harder workout. Squats and lunges work the abdominals, calves, buttocks, hips and back.

Butt Exercises

Any exercise where you squeeze and tighten your buttocks helps tone the area. From step-ups, squats and lunges to deadlifts and jumps, you can use anything from your body weight to weight machines to tone your buttocks. Most buttock-toning exercises also work the thighs and hips, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

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