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About the Ears

Acupressure & Ear Seeds

If you're suffering from addiction, cravings or unwanted habits, acupressure using ear seeds might be for you. In this form of tra...

How Can Sound Damage Your Ears?

The human ear is a complex and delicate organ. Although it does help the body stay in balance, its primary job is to detect and am...

List of Pediatric Ear Drops

Pediatric ear drops are used in two of the most common diseases in pediatrics, otitis media and otitis externa. Otitis media is in...

Ear Odor & Itching in a Child

Ear problems in a child often leave parents worried, exhausted and frustrated, especially when symptoms develop at nighttime or on...

List of Ear Gauge Sizes

Conventional ear piercings use a 20-gauge needle. That’s also the starting size for ear gauging, a modern trend that imitate...

What Are the Functions of the Muscles That Move the Ears?

If you've ever tried to move your ears, you'll notice that it's not the ears themselves that move but the muscles surrounding them...

Relief From Ear Congestion

Ear congestion is typically more of an annoyance than a serious condition, resulting in difficulty hearing and ear pressure. It us...

How to Rid Smells in My Ears

If you notice a foul smell in you or your child's ear, it could be a sign of an ear infection. Other symptoms include ear pain, ea...

How to Unplug Your Ears When You're Sick

Narrow tubes, called Eustachian tubes, connect your middle ear with the back of your nose and upper throat. When these tubes are b...

White Bumps on the Top of My Ears

Although small, painless bumps on the top of your ears may not seem like a threat to your well-being, exposure to sunlight or sque...
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