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Acne and Problem Skin

Should You Pop Whiteheads?

When you spot a whitehead in the mirror, it's tempting to think that you can pop your blemish and be done with it. In fact, though...

How to Use the Tweezerman Blackhead Remover

Blackheads are the small black spots that often appear on the nose, cheeks and other parts of the face. Although dirt may appear t...

Blackhead Removal Procedures

When the skin makes too much of its natural oil, called sebum, blackheads can be the result. Blackheads are plugs in the hair foll...

How to Make Beef Shank Tender

Preparing tender beef shanks ultimately requires the use of an oven, not a grill. While the image of a beef shank sizzling over an...

How to Get Rid of a Blackhead Bruise

Blackheads are a type of acne caused by the skin producing too much oil in the pores, according to Medical News Today. People ofte...

The Best Neutrogena Products for Acne

The Neutrogena brand offers dozens of skincare products targeting a wide array of skin conditions, including skincare products des...

How Do Pimples or Blackheads Form?

Pimples and blackheads may form at any age, although they are most common during the teenage years. They usually form on the face,...

How to Treat Brown Spots & Melasma

Brown, patchy spots on your face may look alarming, but they're often caused by a harmless skin condition called melasma. Mela...

Does Adderall Cause Acne Breakouts?

Adderall® is a brand name medication containing amphetamine, dextroamphetamine and a few trace salts. It is primarily used...

Small Red Bumps on the Forehead

Red bumps that crop up on the forehead can be embarrassing and difficult to hide. Because they can lead to physical scaring and em...
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