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Avoid Weight Gain

Avoid the Weight Gain Trap

The never-ending fight against weight gain sometimes seems like a lost battle. One minute you're devastating the competition -- ea...

Weight Gain in the Stomach in Women

As women age, the ability to fight the battle of the bulge diminishes. As your metabolism slows with age, body fat begins to redis...

Why Do I Weigh More on the Scale Today Even After Exercising?

Weighing in immediately following exercise or even the morning after a workout can give you a false sense of the effects of exerci...

How Much and How Often Should a Four-Month-Old Eat?

At 4 months old, your baby may not quite be ready to handle solids but she is gradually approaching that milestone. She has about ...

Ways to Prevent Weight Gain While on Your Period

Hormonal fluctuations before and during your period can seemingly wreak havoc on your intentions to stay fit and eat healthy. Mont...

How to Gain Weight But Not Stomach Fat

Trying to gain weight can be a frustrating experience if you’ve been skinny all of your life. Gaining weight requires increa...

What Health Problems Can Cause a Person Not to Gain Weight?

There are several common diseases that can lead to the inability to gain weight -- but there could also be a simpler explanation, ...

Why Does Insulin Make You Gain Weight?

In a healthy person, beta cells in the pancreas secrete a hormone called insulin to help the body use blood sugar or glucose from ...

How to Tactfully Tell Your Wife She Is Gaining Weight

Certain conversations between a husband and wife must be managed with tact and sensitivity. A spouse's weight can be a particu...

How to Keep Fit Over the Holidays

Keeping fit over the holidays may seem an impossible task. All of the delicious foods that go hand-in-hand with the holidays are h...
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