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Babies and What to Expect

How to Change a Baby Boy's Diaper

Not everyone instinctively knows how to properly change a diaper. Many first-time parents and people with a lack of prior experien...

What Is the White Stuff on a Baby's Tongue?

The sight of a gurgling, well-fed baby warms nearly everyone's heart. Alarm bells may start to jangle inside a new parent's head, ...

Signs of a Cocaine Baby

During pregnancy, all substances that the mother consumes, either beneficial and dangerous, are passed on to the child. If a pregn...

My Breastfed Baby is Waking in the Night With Gas Pain

Babies are born with immature digestive systems that make night waking with gas pain a common occurrence. While bottle feeding is...

Strong Urine Smell in Infants

Raising an infant can be difficult. You are always second guessing if a symptom is something that will just pass or if you should ...

Should Babies Have Chocolate?

In general, babies less than 1 year old should avoid chocolate, particularly, dark and milk chocolate. These contain caffeine-like...

Watery Eyes in Infants

Babies cannot verbally express how they feel, but a child, even an infant, can provide signs of a problem. An eye condition may ex...

Can Glycerin Suppositories Make Your Stomach Hurt?

Glycerin sweetens cough syrups, makes hand lotions more effective and keeps commercial baked goods tender. When taken as a supposi...

Fractured Ribs in Infants

A fractured rib is not always easy to identify, particularly when an infant can’t tell you what’s wrong. If your baby ...

Pink & White Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Throwing a baby shower is exciting, but you might worry that the mom-to-be won't like what you've planned. With so many themes to ...
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