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Back Pain Center

Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Choices for Back Pain

Listing lifestyle choices that may result in improved back pain may be misleading. The internet is full of “common sense...

Drugs and Treatment for Back Pain

Since the severity of back pain varies so much from patient to patient, there are several treatments to choose from....

Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

The prevalence of back pain is remarkably consistent in all parts of the world and in all cultures. Roughly 20 percent of people a...

Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention of Back Pain

The most important thing to understand is that the definitive cause of an individual's back pain is difficult to identify. It ...

How to Give a Lower Back Massage

Lower back pain is a common complaint among athletes and non-athletes alike. According to the Massage Tools website, lower back pa...

What Are the Treatments for a Vertebral Hemangioma?

A tumor composed of dilated blood vessels that grows along the bones in the spinal cord is a condition called a vertebral or spina...

Activities to Avoid After Lumbar Spine Surgery

The lumbar spine as the lower part of the back. Lumbar spine surgery has several uses in the practice of neurosurgery. Any time an...

Bowel and Bladder Complications From a Herniated Lumbar Disc

The spine is composed of small bones called vertebrae that surround the spinal cord. Between each vertebra is a cushion called a d...

Causes of High Back Pain

While low back is a more common complaint, there are conditions that can cause periodic or chronic high back pain as well. Any new...

Pros & Cons of Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy is nothing new. Hanging upside-down to relieve pain and the effects of gravity have been documented as far back...
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