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Back Pain Center

Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Choices for Back Pain

Listing lifestyle choices that may result in improved back pain may be misleading. The internet is full of “common sense...

Drugs and Treatment for Back Pain

Since the severity of back pain varies so much from patient to patient, there are several treatments to choose from....

Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

The prevalence of back pain is remarkably consistent in all parts of the world and in all cultures. Roughly 20 percent of people a...

Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention of Back Pain

The most important thing to understand is that the definitive cause of an individual's back pain is difficult to identify. It ...

Vitamins for Back Pain

Back pain is a common medical condition that affects approximately 75 percent of Americans at some point in their lives, according...

Herbs for Spinal Stenosis

Several herbs may be helpful in treating symptoms associated with your spinal stenosis. According to the National Institute of Art...

Intense Lower Back Pain From a Workout a Couple of Days Ago

Pain from exercise does not automatically appear during the routine. Discomfort after the fact is common. However, severe pain is ...

Vitamins for Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that occurs when your sciatic nerve, a peripheral nerve that begins in your lower back and travels down to...

How to Run After a Herniated Disc

The bones of the spine or vertebra are separated in part by structures called discs. These discs are circular with a jelly like ce...

Back Pain From Cesarean Birth

In the 2010 edition of "Williams' Obstetrics," Dr. F. Gary Cunningham, chief of obstetrics for Encino-Tarzana Medica...
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