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Nutritional Value of Bagels

Bagels are a cousin of the pretzel thought to originate in the 1600s in Poland. Made from yeast-leavened dough that is hand-rolle...

Nutrition Information on Bagels and Whitefish Salad

Bagels and whitefish salad is a classic deli sandwich for good reason. The chewy bagel makes the perfect foil for the creamy, smok...

Blueberry Bagel Nutrition Information

A bagel is a type of bread made from yeasted wheat dough. The baker forms the dough into the shape of a large doughnut and boils i...

Making Hard Bagels Soft

The perfect bagel is a mix of soft and chewy. It's heavenly on day one. It's acceptable to eat on day two. But by day three, you m...

Is a Bagel a Healthy Breakfast Food?

Breakfast can help you control your weight, be more productive throughout the morning and give you a better chance of meeting your...

Fat Grams in a Bagel

Your body uses fat to stay warm, protect your vital organs, absorb nutrients and make important hormones. A little goes a long wa...

How to Reheat Stale Bagels

Bagels are a breakfast staple, although the best bagels are made with few preservatives and can lose their freshness quickly. It ...

How to Defrost a Bagel

Resembling a doughnut in shape, bagels are a dense and chewy baked treat originating from Europe. These tasty round breads can be ...

Calories in a Whole Wheat Bagel With Cream Cheese

A whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese makes a filling and satisfying breakfast, but it works for a quick lunch as well. Besides it...

Bagel Nutrition Information

A bagel can be a treat from a coffee shop, a dependable refreshment during morning meetings at work or a snack at other times duri...
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