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How to Steam Beets

Beets are often added to salads and soups, and for good reason. Just one cup of raw beet offers 2.2 g protein, 3.8 g of fiber, fol...

How to Use Beet Root in Baking & Coloring

You may already enjoy eating beets as part of a healthy dinner. But you can also use beets to create sweet and colorful desserts. ...

How to Cook White Beets

Farmer's markets and upscale groceries are fine places to find interesting and unusual vegetables, from exotic imports to variatio...

How to Roast Baby Beets

As the name suggests, baby beets are smaller versions of the root vegetable. You will often find the leafy top attached to the bab...

Can I Eat Beets Without Cooking Them?

Known for their intense deep red color, beets also come in a range of hues from bright gold to candy cane stripes. They're also a ...

What Is the Nutritional Value of Beets?

Beets are an acquired taste for some, offering a strong flavor and dense texture. While the most commonly sold type of beet in you...

Will Eating Beets Produce Hematuria?

Urine typically appears light yellow to dark amber in color. However, certain foods, such as beets, may change the color of your u...

How to Cook Chioggia Beets

A Chioggia beet, cut through the center, reveals a pattern of concentric light-red and white rings. The novel color combination an...

Are Beet Greens and Radish Greens Safe to Eat?

Beet greens and radish greens are not only safe to eat, they are packed with nutritional value. Both are hardy plants that are eas...

How to Roast Beets on the Grill

As an alternative to oven roasting, grilling brings out the natural sweetness in beets, as well as adding a smoky flavor that acce...
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