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Behavior Modification

10 Ways Science Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Life moves quickly, and every day we make countless in-the-moment decisions, often not fully considering the consequences and fina...

6 Weird Ways Early Birds and Night Owls Differ

How and when you sleep -- whether you’re an early bird or a night owl -- says a lot about you. Those individual inclinations...

Behavior Modification Techniques for Children With Autism

Children with autism can benefit significantly from behavior modification treatments. Numerous treatments are available that may d...

11 Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep (and How to Fix Them)

A crowded red-eye flight is all the convincing you need to know that not getting enough sleep feels awful. And what’s worse,...

Parenting: Behavior Modification for a 5 Year Old

Children at age 5 are notorious for being defiant and obstinate, and parents and teachers often become frustrated trying to get ch...

Examples of Behavior Modification Plans

Many behavior modification plans and techniques are available for parents, teacher and other people to purchase in book form. Thes...

How Behavior Modification Operates to Motivate People

Behavior modification is a form of operant conditioning that involves linking a specific consequence to a specific action. Process...

Behavior Modification Techniques for Adults

Some methods of behavior modification require attention and preparation, whereas others are common sense, notes BehaviorDisorder.o...

15 Stress-Reducing Techniques

Americans are feeling increasingly stressed, according to a Carnegie Mellon study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology i...

Behavior Modification Techniques in the Classroom

Behavior modification techniques include a series of teacher-implemented activities and actions aimed at improving classroom behav...
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