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Bone Health

Medicare Guidelines for Bone Density Testing

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, has specific policies regarding the requirements necessary for screening a...

Carbonated Water & Bone Density

Keeping your bones strong, especially as you age, is important to preventing a disabling fracture. Maintaining good bone density i...

How to Juice for Bone Health

Juicing is a very effective way to quickly absorb valuable nutrients into the body. Using juicing methods for supplemental nutriti...

Major Bones of the Skeletal System

The bones of the human body allow us to move from place to place and provide protection to other organs. Some bones also produce b...

Diet Soda Connection to Bone Density Loss

When you're making an effort to eat a healthier diet, drinking diet sodas instead of high-calorie beverages seems like an obvious ...

Foods You Can Eat If You Have Gout

Gout, a form of arthritis that occurs when high uric acid blood levels cause crystals to form around a joint, is partially connect...

The Flat Bones in the Human Body

Five types of bones make up the human skeleton: flat bones, long bones, short bones, irregular bones and sesamoid bones. Flat bone...

How to Read Bone Density Test Results

Osteoporosis is the result of the bones of the body weakening due to reduced bone density. Osteoporosis can lead to bones fracturi...

How to Build Strong Bones Naturally

Strong bones are essential to preventing bone breaks and fractures, events which can dramatically affect a person's quality of lif...

The Effects of Caffeine on Bone Density

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are diseases of low bone density. Osteopenia is less severe and affects approximately half of American...
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