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Beginning Boxing Jump Rope Routine

Jumping rope, or rope skipping, is often a regular part of a boxer’s workout regimen. Jumping rope provides several benefits...

Are There Health Risks Associated with Female Boxing?

Since women's boxing was first sanctioned in 1993, reaction has been a mix of support and criticism. Some of the outcry has been a...

Is It Better to Lift Weights Before Boxing Training?

The timing of different segments of a workout can have a strong effect on your performance and the results. When training for boxi...

Muscles That Get Stronger From Boxing

Throwing a punch is a complex series of movements that begins in your feet and ends with your knuckles striking a target. Boxing u...

How to Close the Distance in Boxing

In a high-level professional boxing match, you're rarely going to see two fighters standing in the center of the ring exchanging b...

Taping a Sore Wrist for Boxing

Boxers often wrap or tape their hands for protection before donning their gloves. Taping up to support a sore wrist requires a dif...

Height of a Speed Bag

It can take months or even years of practice until you're able to hit a speed bag so it produces a steady rhythm. Before the sound...

Golden Gloves Weight Classes

According to Golden Gloves of America, the first Golden Gloves tournament was held in Chicago in 1923, in which the winning amateu...

How to Practice Boxing at Home

The best training for boxing -- or any other martial art -- is live instruction from a qualified trainer. However, not everybody h...

How to Strengthen Your Wrists for Punching

Whether you're boxing, kickboxing or just burning calories on the heavy bag in your basement, your knuckles, hands and wrists are ...
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