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Brussels Sprouts

How to Cook Brussel Sprouts in Chicken Broth

Brussels sprouts resemble tiny cabbages and are packed with fiber, vitamin C and potassium. These small vegetables may have a poor...

How to Blanch Brussels Sprouts and Then Saute Them in Olive Oil

Though these tiny cruciferous vegetables look like a pint-sized version of a head of cabbage, Brussels sprouts pack a flavor that&...

How to Cook Fresh Brussels Sprouts in the Microwave

Related to the cabbage and originating from Belgium, Brussels sprouts have a sweet, nutty taste. The peak of their season is from ...

Why Are Brussels Sprouts Nutritious?

As part of the cruciferous vegetable family, brussels sprouts share a close relation to broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower. A...

How to Cook Brussels Sprout Greens

Named after the capital of Belgium, Brussels sprouts come from the cruciferous, or Brassica, family along with cabbage, broccoli, ...

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts in a Slow Cooker

The Brussels sprout is a miniature variety of a cabbage that forms small, golf-ball sized heads. Brussels sprouts are harvested in...

Do Brussel Sprouts Cause Urine to Smell?

Brussels sprouts are a highly nutritious food included in the Brassica genus of vegetables. They contain vitamin A, folate, fiber,...

How to Cook Regular Brussels Sprouts on the Stove

Regular, nutritious Brussels sprouts are visually appealing little vegetables; the small green rounds look like tiny cabbages. The...

How to Reduce the Bitter Taste in Brussels Sprouts

The tiny, cabbage-like heads that are Brussels sprouts are chock-full of nutrition. The vegetable serves as a good dietary source ...

Brussel Sprouts & Hypothyroid

Your thyroid gland produces hormones essential to the normal functioning of metabolism, growth, development, reproductive function...
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