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Vitamins in Butter

When you think about getting vitamins from food, the last source you think of is butter. We are indoctrinated into thinking that b...

The Difference Between Body Butter & Lotion

With the array of body lotions and butters available, making smart skin care choices can be difficult. According to plastic surgeo...

The Nutritional Information of a Butter Toffee K-cup

Except for its caffeine content, one butter-toffee K-Cup from Gloria Jean's Coffees is about as neutral as a beverage can get. If ...

Buttered Toast & Bodybuilding

Personal trainers, competitive bodybuilders and bodybuilding magazines present nutrition for bodybuilders as a complicated process...

What Natural Ingredients Can You Use to Substitute Butter in Cake?

Various other foods can substitute for butter when you are baking a cake. There are limitations to what you can achieve, though, b...

Healthy Butter Substitutes

Butter adds rich flavor to the foods you eat, but it also adds fat, cholesterol and calories. Many people opt for margarine as a b...

Almond Butter Calories

If you are looking for a sandwich spread that is similar in calorie content to peanut butter, you may want to try almond butter. L...

Calories in Butter Beans

Despite the name, butter beans are quite different from butter -- they contain no fat and are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. But...

Almond Butter Nutrition Information

Almond nut butter is a variation to the classic peanut butter. Almond nut butter contains different nutrients in comparison with p...

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Nutrition Information

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter makes a variety of buttery spreads that purport to be better choices for heart health ...
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