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Child Development

Importance of Music & Movement in the Education of Young Children

Many people think about learning the alphabet, counting and recognizing shapes when envisioning early childhood education. While t...

Alpha Male Characteristics for Raising Kids

The term “alpha male” brings to mind an individual who dominates others or has an innate ability to lead. Jeff Wise, s...

Developmental Delays and Social Skills in Children

Delays in child development can be physical, emotional, cognitive or social. They occur when a child fails to develop at the same ...

What Are the Benefits of Installing Children's Playground Equipment?

When you're at a loss about what to do to keep your children happy and healthy, go to a playground. Children of all ages can s...

Exercises to Help With Reading Comprehension

If you notice that your child is having difficulty retaining the information he reads, it could be a simple matter of poor reading...

Psychological Development & Early Childhood

The brain may well be the final frontier of biology. Though prominent psychologists and psychoanalysts have developed and expanded...

Focus-Building Games for Kids

Children face a continual stream of distractions throughout the day, including the chatter of their peers at school, the sounds of...

Physical Development During Adulthood

Much of your body is already fully developed even before you reach adulthood. According to Medline Plus, men's genitals are fully ...

How to Teach Kids About Good & Bad Bacteria

When your child thinks of bacteria, she probably thinks of the ugly depictions of germs in TV commercials for cleaning products: s...

Physical Development From Ages 13 to 19

During your teen years, your body will grow more than in any other period of your life besides infancy, according to KidsHealth on...
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