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Function of Proteases

Proteases are enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of proteins. Protein breakdown is a normal process necessary to maintain cellula...

How to Improve Blood Circulation in the Body

As the center of your circulatory system, your heart pumps blood throughout the body. Through a network of blood vessels, arteries...

Remedies for Poor Circulation in the Legs

Poor circulation in the legs can be caused by numerous conditions, such as atherosclerosis, trauma, infection and varicose veins. ...

Diseases Related to Blood Circulation

The vitality of the body depends on a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered by the blood via the circulatory system....

How to Improve Poor Circulation in the Hands & Feet

Several conditions can cause poor circulation in the hands and feet, ranging from decreased blood flow to polycythemia, diabetes o...

How to Improve Circulation and Color in Feet

Common signs of poor circulation in your feet are cold feet and toes, your legs falling asleep or feeling numb, cramps and your fe...

How Can I Improve Poor Leg Circulation?

Your legs consist of a number of veins that can become thickened and hardened over time, according to ePodiatry.com. When this occ...

How to Improve Blood Circulation in Hands

Poor blood circulation in your hands is often a source of discomfort or pain when performing many everyday activities. Over time, ...

Blood Circulation in Humans

No part of the body is without access to a blood supply. The human heart is a hollow, pulsating muscle located above the diaphragm...

The Best Gloves for Poor Circulation

It's not unusual for anyone to have cold hands in the wintertime, but getting cold hands even when it's not that cold out can be a...
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