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Cognitive Therapy

America’s 40-Hour Workweek Is Dumbing You Down

Stress isn't the only negative impact of working more, there’s actually another surprising effect on your health as well: it wil...

This Song Can Stop Your Anxiety in 8 Minutes

UK-based band Marconi Union created the song, “Weightless,” specifically to ease anxious minds. And neuroscientists agree that...

5 Tips for Handling Insecurity

Barriers of insecurity and low self-esteem can be removed by recognizing and applying the power you have to control your thoughts ...

What Are the 4 Major Forms of Therapy in Psychology?

There are four major forms of therapy in the field of psychology. These include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic an...

5 Things to Do When You’re Too Busy For Therapy

5 Things to Do When You’re Too Busy For Therapy. Life is busy. It seems like you always have a million things on your to-do list. Sure, seeing a therapist would be great. Therapy helps you manage stress, gives you a place to vent about the hard stuff in life so you’re not always depending on family and friends, and provides professional support from someone you can really trust. But with time limitations in your life, it may seem like too much to ask to add one more thing to your schedule. But do yourself a favor by making time for some of these alternate ways of taking care of your emotions and mental health.

5 Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Seeing a Therapist

What every therapist wants you to know is that it's OK to see a therapist. Here are five ways everyone can benefit from seeing a t...

What Are the Benefits of Behavioral Theories?

Behavioral theories attempt to understand and change human behaviors. Some theories, like those promoted by Sigmund Freud, link be...

The 9 Best Foods for Your Brain

The 9 Best Foods for Your Brain. Want to stay sharp as a knife? Better get some brain food! The mind is one vital organ that needs its vittles. Without sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, you could start to experience memory loss and cognitive decline. In fact, there's even a new diet -- the MIND Diet -- that aims to keep your gray matter healthy and happy. To cite one example, a 2010 study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry showed an association between poor diet and the prevalence of depression and anxiety in women. Read on to see nine foods that can benefit your brain.
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