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The Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces

It's critical to find a high-rated electric or sonic toothbrush, especially if you have braces. Orthodontic bands, brackets and wi...

Baking Soda & Vinegar for Your Teeth

Stains and discolorations can occur on teeth and are usually caused by drinking coffee, tea, using tobacco products and other fact...

Can Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda and Peroxide Kill Germs That Cause Cavities?

The wide variety of toothpastes on the market can make it a challenge to choose the best one for cavity protection. Before the dev...

How to Soak Legumes and Beans with Whey and Baking Soda

As many methods of preparing dried beans and other legumes exist as cookbooks to explain them. If beans and other legumes make up ...

Substituting Bisquick for Flour & Baking Soda

Bisquick, made from a recipe created by a railway dining-car chef and shared with a General Mills executive in 1931, takes less th...

Baking Soda & Brain Damage

Baking soda is helpful for making cakes and other baked goods rise, but it can also be harmful if ingested in large quantities. A ...

Comparison of Electric Sonic Toothbrushes

Sonic toothbrushes are different from standard electric toothbrushes because they vibrate from side to side instead of spinning an...

Making Natural Baking Soda Toothpaste

Everyone learns the importance of tooth-brushing as a child. While toothpaste is a staple of proper dental care, many store-bought...

Electric Toothbrush Vs. Manual Toothbrush

The health of your teeth and gums depends in large part on regular and correct brushing. To accomplish this, the American Dental A...

Baking Soda Soap for Acne

Baking soda can do much more than make your cakes and cookies rise in the oven. You can also use it to brush your teeth, deodorize...
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