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Eating Disorders

Electrolyte Imbalance & Bradycardia

Your heart beats fewer than 60 times in a minute if you have bradycardia, or a slower-than-normal heart rate. For some people, suc...

Signs and Symptoms of Eating Undercooked Chicken

Many people turn to chicken as a healthy alternative to red meat because of its lower fat content, but chicken can also cause heal...

Who Makes the Best Modular Helmet?

Modular motorcycle helmets are also called flip-front helmets. This style of helmet operates like a knights helmet with the abilit...

How to Stop Binge Eating

The act of binge eating is to consume a large amount of food during a short time period. Typically, the act of bingeing on food oc...

What Are the Signs of Someone Being Obsessed With Exercising?

Because exercise is socially acceptable and stressed as vital, exercise addicts are much harder to diagnose than other addicts, ac...

Bounce Back From an Eating Binge

The urge to binge is primal, an instinct intended to protect us from starvation. "It goes back to the cavemen days," sai...

Eating Disorders & Gymnastics

The combination of intense training schedules, need for strength and the requirement for gymnasts to maintain a lean body makes gy...

What Are the Dangers of Using Laxatives to Lose Weight?

Americans spend more than $700 million dollars on laxatives each year, and almost half of all consumers use the pills incorrectly,...

How to Recover From a Carbohydrate Binge

If you succumbed to a bout of binge eating, you may feel guilty, depressed or even ill afterward. People binge eat for a variety o...

Diet for Myasthenia

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks chemical receptors in the body that help...
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