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Calories of Egg Whites Vs. Whole Eggs

Chicken eggs are the most common type of eggs that are used as a food source, although the eggs of ducks and geese are eaten as we...

Vegetarian Egg Casserole

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a good vegetarian meal. Many people choose to eat vegetarian meals a few nights a week ...

Protein in a Poached Egg

An egg packs a lot of nutritional punch in one handy little container. It's a good dietary source of protein, which means it helps...

Are Boiled Eggs Healthy to Eat?

Eggs' low cost makes them an economic addition to your diet. And with boiled eggs' long shelf life and portability, they make a co...

Is There More Protein in Eggs or Meat?

Eating both meat and eggs, along with vegetable sources of protein, helps give you balanced nutrition. Red meat and poultry are ri...

How Much Protein Is in a Boiled Egg?

With only 75 calories, one large boiled egg packs in 6.29 g of protein. The average American needs between 50 to 65 g of protein p...

Brown Eggs Vs. White Eggs for Nutrition

Grocery store shelves are filled with an almost overwhelming variety of choices, and the dairy section is no exception. Consumers ...

Is Meringue Safe to Eat?

Meringue, made from whipped egg whites and sugar, is light, fluffy and delicious. Many traditional meringue recipes rely upon unco...

Can You Safely Eat Raw Eggs?

Proponents of eating raw eggs point out that cooking changes the nature of animal proteins. Leaving eggs uncooked leaves the prote...

Egg & Tomato Diet

Several versions of the egg diet are available on various websites, and the most common one is a low-carbohydrate version, accordi...
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