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Eye Health

Vitamins for White Eyes

Eye redness might occur for a number of reasons, including lack of sleep, dry eye, infections or allergies. Once these conditions ...

Eye Exercises to Reduce Myopia

For decades, eye-care practitioners have promoted eye exercises as a way to reduce myopia. However, after careful study and evalua...

Tibetan Monk Eye Exercises

Eye exercises developed by Tibetan monks may make your vision better and help to correct existing eye conditions. The exercises tr...

Exercises to Strengthen the Sphincter

Your internal and external sphincters are muscles that wrap around your anus and help you control your bowel movements. Some peopl...

Vitamins for Night Vision

Many people notice problems seeing or driving when it gets dark. Problems with night vision may not be related to any specific hea...

Does Fennel Strengthen Eyes & Sight?

Fennel is a relative to dill and anise. The base has a white, bulb-like appearance and with a number of green stalks that have thi...

Eye Exercises to Decrease Ptosis

Ptosis is the drooping of one or both of the upper eyelids below the normal position. In severe cases, the drooping lid can shield...

Herbs & Eye Drops for Improved Vision

Loss of eyesight is one of the most common complaints about aging. Almost everyone over the age of 40 will experience some degree ...

Eye Exercises to Improve Astigmatism

Some people believe astigmatism comes from heredity and eye socket formation. However, astigmatism often develops or is worsened a...

Directions for Pick Up Sticks

Pick-up-sticks is a challenging table game that can help develop and maintain fine-motor skills, test color discrimination and enc...
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