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Are Dried Figs as Healthy as Fresh?

The combination of subtly sweet, tender flesh and the slight crunch of seed make figs a decadent treat, as well as a healthful add...

Nutrition Benefits of Fig Leaves

Once used to protect the privacy of Adam and Eve and adorn the bodies of Greeks and Romans, fig leaves are most commonly known for...

Fig Allergies

Allergic reaction may result from consuming the skin or pulp of green or dried figs, from the commercial extract of figs or from ...

Calories in Fresh Figs

In a world where produce routinely travels thousands of miles from harvest to plate, fresh figs remain a seasonal luxury. The swee...

Nutritional Value for Figs

Figs have long been a staple in Mediterranean cuisine -- archaeological evidence for the cultivation of figs goes back as far as 5...

Are Fig Newtons Healthy?

Fig lovers often include Fig Newton cookies, a Nabisco product, in their diet. This cookie features paste made from figs inside a ...

Kinds Of Figs

The fig is a sweet, tart fruit that boasts a long history, stretching back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Figs were originally nativ...

The Nutrition Profile for Calimyrna Figs

The calimyrna fig originated in California and is a special breed of fig derived from the smyrna fig of Turkey. Known for its gold...

Should I Refrigerate Figs?

Fresh figs are in season in warmer parts of the country from midsummer through early autumn. Because figs are so perishable, they ...

How to Stew Figs

Fresh figs are highly perishable, but dried figs are hardy, available year-round and easy to ship and store. You can eat both fres...
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