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First Aid Information

Activated Charcoal Supplements

When you experience a stomach ailment, before turning to over-the-counter drugs, consider using activated charcoal, a natural subs...

How to Make a Shoulder Ice Pack

Many shoulder injuries need to be treated with ice packs right away to help prevent swelling. If you have a rotator cuff tear, bur...

Black Widow Bites in Children

Of the tens of thousands of spider species around, most pose no serious danger to your children, as their venom is too weak or the...

Allergies Mistaken for COPD

Respiratory disease impairs the ability of your lungs to derive the necessary amount of oxygen from the air you breathe. Allergies...

How to Wrap an Injured Foot

Foot injuries can occur from overuse or improper use, such as poor form while exercising, and congenital issues, such as flat feet...

Lifeguard Duties & Responsibilities

Sitting around in sunglasses and flip-flops, lifeguards seem to enjoy lives of leisure, but in reality, they're far from slackers....

Home Remedies for Chest Colds

If you are tired, achy, running a low-grade fever, coughing up mucus and generally feeling blah, you may have acute bronchitis, or...

What Are the Treatments for Ice Pack Burn?

Burns to the skin are usually associated with heat, but severe cold can damage your skin in a similar way. If you have ever used a...

What Are the Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Humans?

Think of charcoal and you might a barbecue or the product many artists use when sketching. But there is a medicinal form of charco...

Rubbing Alcohol Information

Rubbing alcohol won't get you drunk -- in fact, it is not suitable for consumption. This clear liquid evaporates quickly, and prol...
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