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Hair Loss

Causes of Adult Acne and Hair Loss

Acne is a condition that is characterized by red pimples that break out mostly on the face and to a lesser degree on other areas o...

Home Remedies for Hair Loss Due to Stress

Hair evolves in a cycle of growth, or anagen; transition, or catagen; and resting, or telogen. During its final stage of resting, ...

The Best Facial Products for African American Women

Delicate facial skin requires daily care to keep it at its healthiest. For black women, this means keeping your face moisturized a...

Moles on African American Skin

Moles can be alarming. While most pose no threat to your health, some can turn malignant and cause skin cancer. If you are an Afri...

How to Check Your Brush or Comb for Hair Loss

An estimated 50 million Americans, both men and women, are affected by permanent or temporary hair loss. For men, it can start wh...

What Vegetables Are Good for Hair Loss?

Vegetables that are good for hair loss will be good for your overall health. You can replenish your hair and stimulate new hair gr...

Why Does My Hair Fall Out When I Wash It?

A good scalp massage and shampoo removes dirt, debris, excess oils, styling product and loose hair. Those with long hair appear to...

Widow's Peak and Hair Loss

The widow’s peak is a classic sign of male-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. In this condition, the front hairlin...

Chemicals That Cause Hair Loss in Women

Although hair loss is often more associated with men than women, women too can have problems with thinning, balding or complete ha...

Ginseng & Hair Loss

Ginseng can refer to both American and Asian ginseng, and it comes from plant that consists of a tan, gnarled root. The University...
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