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How To Gain muscle

The Science of Building Muscle

I remember it like it was yesterday. For 13 years I’d been inundated by images of big, strong, athletic-looking people bulg...

What Supplements Can Women Take for Weightlifting?

You might think of weight lifting as a man's sport, but there are many women who enjoy hitting the gym as a hobby or as a professi...

Supplements That Build Power & Strength

The use of dietary supplements to increase strength and power has been a debatable topic among many people. Research shows that se...

Cardio & Strength Training for Women

Both cardiovascular exercise and strength training are valid and useful parts of a complete fitness routine for women. You may foc...

What Are Some Uses of Composite Materials?

Composite materials include any products made from a blend of two or more base materials, according to the University of Delaware'...

Will Lifting Weights Get Rid of Flab on Arms?

Lifting weights, or resistance training, is key to improving the appearance of your arms. It adds lean muscle tissue and develops ...

Weight Training Routines for Rowers

According to Ed Nordenschild, M.Ed., CSCS and head strength coach at the University of Virginia, rowers will typically cover 2,000...

Strength & Toning Workouts

Some people say they don't want to look "too bulky" and just want to "tone." However, many people do not reali...

Weight Training Pyramid Workouts

Pyramid training is an advanced technique for experienced weightlifters who have plateaued with their current routine and are look...

Top 10 Muscle-Building Foods

Proper nutrition is fundamental to muscle gain. An adequate intake of high-quality protein is needed to supply the body with amino...
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