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Kidney Disease

Herbal Treatment for Kidney Disease

Kidney disease affects many Americans. The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse states that most types ...

Diet to Help Repair Kidneys

Early kidney disease often produces no symptoms, so your physician may have surprised you with the news that you have reduced kidn...

Use of Losartan Potassium in Renal Diseases

Patients with chronic renal disease often end up taking four or five different medications to lower their blood pressure. Losartan...

Stage 2 Kidney Disease Diet

Once your kidneys become damaged, they usually continue to worsen over a period of time. Because of this, kidney disease is catego...

Diet to Prevent Decline in Kidney Function

Healthy kidneys filter approximately 2 quarts of waste products from the blood every day, according to the National Kidney and Uro...

Acceptable Creatinine Levels

Creatinine is included in most routine lab work because it is the most reliable indicator of kidney health. Kidney patients should...

Recommended Food for Kidney Dialysis Patients

When your kidneys are no longer able to filter waste products from the body, your doctor may recommend dialysis. With this treatm...

Acute Post-Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis in Children

Acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis is a rare kidney disease that develops after infection with a specific strain of the S...

What Are the Causes of Fetal Kidney Disease?

Like other vital organs, kidneys develop early during pregnancy. They can be visualized using ultrasound by the 14th to 16th week....

About the Prismaflex Dialysis Machine

Hemodialysis machines, invented in the 1940s to clean the blood of patients whose kidneys were no longer able to, were a breakthro...
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