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Leg Exercises

Peroneal Strengthening Exercises

The lower legs contain several muscles that help stabilize the ankle joint. The peroneal longus and brevis are muscles that run do...

How to Get Slimmer Inner Thighs

It's often difficult to lose fat from your inner thighs, or adductor muscles. While exercises that target your inner thighs will s...

Post-Surgery Knee Exercises

After many forms of knee surgery, including ACL or meniscus repair, total knee replacement or arthroscopic knee surgery, post-oper...

When a Woman is Toning Legs, Should Weight Be Heavy or Light With More Repetitions?

The heavy weights vs. high repetition dilemma is a highly debated topic among female exercise enthusiasts and fitness professional...

How Much Weight for a Beginner on the Leg Press

A perfect method for finding the right weight to lift when doing a leg press doesn't exist. The strength of your legs varies d...

How to Improve Weak Ankles

Imagine the confidence you feel when you know you have a firm base upon which to stand. Strong ankles help give you this sturdy fo...

Why Does the Leg Press Exercise Hurt My Knees?

The leg press is an excellent full-body workout, activating every major muscle from your hips down. Burning thigh muscles and fati...

Knee Strengthening Exercises for Running

The integrity of your knee depends on the alignment and strength of your entire leg from your hip joints to your feet. Strengthen ...

What Muscles Do Side Leg Raises Work?

The side leg raise primarily works the abductor muscle group, a group of muscles that are responsible for moving the thigh to the ...

Treatments & Exercises for a Hamstring Injury

Your hamstring muscles are the three muscles that comprise the back of your thigh. Your hamstrings help to bend your lower leg at ...
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