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Mental Abuse

Effects of Mental Abuse

Mental abuse, also called emotional or psychological abuse, has lasting effects on the victim. This type of abuse can occur in rel...

Different Types of Mental Abuse

Mental abuse is the intentional infliction of emotional harm on someone in a relationship. The abused individual may be a child, s...

How to Heal From Controlling and Mentally Abusive Relationship

Mental abuse is a type of domestic violence. Being involved in a mentally abusive and controlling relationship can wreak havoc on ...

Mental Abuse in a Relationship

Mental abuse, also known as emotional or verbal abuse, is a form of aggression used to control or belittle another person. Bullyi...

What Is Mental Abuse in a Marriage?

Unfortunately, mental abuse receives far less attention than physical abuse. Mental abuse can be just as devastating as physical a...

The Signs of Mental Abuse

Abuse in relationships can take many forms, including physical, mental and sexual. According to the Domestic Violence Resource Cen...

How to Work With Mentally Handicapped Children

Children with mental handicaps often have physical disabilities that also must be addressed. According to the American Academy of ...

Characteristics of Mentally Challenged Children

Once routinely institutionalized, most mentally challenged children are now encouraged to live with their families, participate wi...

Facts About Mental Abuse

Mental abuse is also known as psychological abuse or emotional abuse. This is a form of brainwashing in which the abuser degrades ...

Problems Faced by Parents of Mentally Challenged Children

Raising a child who is mentally challenged requires emotional strength and flexibility. The child has special needs in addition to...
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