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9 Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression can be a debilitating and frustrating condition, and it affects one out of 10 adults. Natural treatments are a good fir...

Feeling Depressed? Your Genes May Be to Blame

MTHFR variations are linked to mental-health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD and autism....

How a Healthy Gut Can Make You Happier

Studies show that the status of your gut microbes can impact everything from your body’s inflammation and weight to your skin an...

How One London Tube Station Went Cat Crazy and Made Everyone's Day

Londoners were treated to a station full of cat posters at the Clapham Common tube stop this week as part of a campaign to swap ad...

6 Reasons We Love Horror Movies

Do you love horror movies? That may say something about you. People watch scary movies for more reasons than just getting spooked....

This Adorable Therapy Pig Will Make You Want to Travel

Lilou the therapy pig has touched down at San Francisco International Airport to help soothe passengers' travel anxiety. ...

Vitamins for Moodiness and Irritability

While there are many factors that could make a person moody or irritable, depleted levels of certain vitamins and other nutrients ...

What Is L-Tyrosine Good For?

A non-essential amino acid, L-tyrosine helps your body manufacture several important neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. T...

What Causes Sudden Mood Swings in an 18-Month-Old?

One minute, your 18-month-old may be happily playing, and the next, she might be flailing on the floor in the grips of a temper ta...

8 Cat Person Stereotypes That Are Totally True

Cat people can get a bad rap. From “crazy cat ladies” to the assumption that cat fans hate other people, there are a lot of negative associations. But cat lovers do have a lot of positive traits in common, many of them backed by science. “Researchers agree, and studies have been done that give some insight on people who prefer one species of pet over the other,” says Somyr Perry, retired veterinary nurse and eHow Now Pets expert. Do you consider yourself a cat person? Or do you know someone who fits that description? Read on to find out the traits that nearly all cat lovers have in common.
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