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8 Cat Person Stereotypes That Are Totally True

Cat people can get a bad rap. From “crazy cat ladies” to the assumption that cat fans hate other people, there can be ...

What Is L-Tyrosine Good For?

A non-essential amino acid, L-tyrosine helps your body manufacture several important neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. T...

What Causes Sudden Mood Swings in an 18-Month-Old?

One minute, your 18-month-old may be happily playing, and the next, she might be flailing on the floor in the grips of a temper ta...

8 Dog Person Stereotypes That Are Totally True

Chances are, even if you’re not one yourself, you know a dog person. They’re the ones jogging around the park with the...

Does Exercise Prevent Depression?

Exercise has many benefits, including aiding in weight loss, maintaining health and improving mood. Studies have linked routine ex...

Mood Swings During PMS

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a condition that can affect women prior to or during the menstrual period. Symptoms include bloa...

Remedies for PMS Mood Swings

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, PMS involves a group of symptoms that usually begin up to 14 days before m...

Vitamins for Moodiness and Irritability

While there are many factors that could make a person moody or irritable, depleted levels of certain vitamins and other nutrients ...

Does Exercising Affect Your Mood?

To some, exercise may be akin to a dirty word. It brings to mind thoughts of pain and fatigue, which do everything but promote a g...

12 Foods That Can Improve Your Mood

We all have guilty pleasures; foods that make us feel good for a moment — but very ba-aaaa-d after we’re done. And whi...
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