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Muscles of the Human Body

Muscles That Are Prime Movers

The human body is made up of hundreds of muscles that must work together to allow for body movements. Although many of the body's ...

Functions of the Supraspinatus

The supraspinatus is one of the muscles that control movement of the shoulder and upper arm. It runs along the upper groove of the...

What Effects Does Lactose Have on the Human Body?

A type of carbohydrate, you'll find lactose in milk and milk products. It is a disaccharide, or a sugar molecule, consisting o...

What Causes Muscle Tightness Post-Workout?

While there are various types of muscles in the human body, when someone mentions muscle tightness, they’re usually talking ...

What Are the Major Surface Muscles of the Human Body?

Superficial skeletal muscles are the layer of muscles just under the skin. These are the muscles that become most defined with exe...

What Is Calcium Used for Inside the Human Body?

Calcium is an important mineral for your body. It primarily takes three forms in the body. First, it is part of the molecular comp...

The Therapy for Biceps Cramp

Cramps are painful muscle spasms that can occur after intense exercise or competition. Cramps are not usually dangerous, but can b...

How to Learn the Muscles in Your Body

With about 640 skeletal muscles in the human body, learning their names -- as well as how they work -- is no easy task. If you're...

Why Are Vegetables Important to the Human Body?

"Eat your vegetables!" It's a directive you've likely heard your whole life, since Mom served a side of broccoli with yo...

The Purpose/Role of Muscles in the Body

Muscles are specialized tissues within the body that serve their purpose primarily by contracting. This is accomplished when muscl...
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