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Nervous System Health

Demyelinating Diseases

The myelin sheath is a layer of insulation made up of fatty substances and protein that surrounds nerve cell fibers. The myelin sh...

Causes of Nervous System Disorders

The nervous system provides a communications network for the brain to send messages to the muscles and organs of the body, and for...

How Skeletal System Works With Nervous System

Moving your limbs allows you to fully interact with your environment. You are able to pick up objects, wave to a friend and kick a...

Running & Nerve Impingement

Running is a popular means of weight control, boosting cardiovascular health, blowing off stress and strengthening and toning the ...

What is a benign essential tremor?

Benign essential tremor is a common tremor -- uncontrollable body movement -- affecting up to 5 percent of the population. The tre...

Fish Oil & Lack of Oxygen to the Brain

Your brain contains millions of specialized cells designed to send the billions of small electrical signals required for neurologi...

Disorders of the Peripheral Nervous System

The two major nervous systems of the body are the central and peripheral systems. Disorders of the peripheral nervous system inclu...

My Arms & Hands Fall Asleep After Weight Lifting

When you talk about a limb falling asleep, typically, you’re referring to a sensation of tingling, numbness or burning cause...

The Truth About Gluten Allergies

There was a time when Amy Yoder Begley planned her runs around bathroom breaks. The professional runner and Olympian’s pr...

Hemiplegia Upper Extremity Exercises

Hemiplegia is paralysis on one side of the body. It usually includes your arm, leg and possibly the face of the affected side. If ...
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