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Parenting Basics

Parental Involvement in Children's Literacy Development

You can influence your child’s literacy skills starting at birth, according to a study released by the National Institute fo...

Family Activities to Teach Finances to Students With Disabilities

Learning how to manage personal finances is an essential functional living skill. For students with disabilities, understanding mo...

Tiny Red Bumps in the Belly Button

Hives, contact dermatitis, bug bites and bacterial infections can all cause red bumps on your belly button. A recently pierced be...

Can Parents Force Kids to Go to a Military School?

Yes, parents can force minor children to attend military school. In the U.S., most states require children between the ages of 6 a...

Responsibilities of Motherhood

Motherhood is not something you can take lightly. Entering into motherhood shoves two decades' worth of responsibilities into ...

General Knowledge Games for Kids

Children use games for entertainment and to learn basic skills, and general knowledge gaming incorporates both fun and the ability...

Where to Find Plus Size Clothes for Children

Shopping for children's clothing can be a daunting task. When your child is plus-sized, it can be even more difficult to find ...

A Tummy Ache in Children by the Belly Button

Tummy aches are common in children, but they are rarely serious. Most tummy aches go away on their own within a day or two, althou...

Children's Games & Activities to Learn Humility

Learning to have humility or to be humble means learning to focus more on the work accomplished or the team effort than on individ...

Chinese Culture & Parenting

The Chinese culture is known for its ethic of hard work, discipline and excellence, as well as its emphasis on family and ancestra...
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