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How to Cook a Pear in the Microwave

Succulent pears work famously well as finger foods, but the summery fruit also lends itself to dishes ranging from tarts and chutn...

Asian Pear Nutrition

An Asian pear is a fruit from the tree with the scientific name Pyrus pyrifolia. The Asian pear tree is native to Asia and has oth...

Calories in a Large Asian Pear

The Asian pear is similar to its cousin the traditional pear in that it is tart, slightly sweet and juicy, with a firm texture sim...

How Do I Prepare Pears for Freezing?

There is a reason why the FDA lists pears as one of the top 20 most popular fruits. In addition to its sweet, juicy taste and plea...

How Many Calories Does a Pear Have?

More than 3,000 known varieties of pears exist, though only about 10 of these are commonly available in grocery stores. Pears are...

How to Cut Pears

Slice a pear however you like it, based on your recipe or fresh eating preference. While there is not necessarily a right or wrong...

Nutritional Value of Bosc Pears

Bosc pears are grown primarily in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. They have brownish skin and a somewhat cr...

Pear Cider & Allergies

It would seem odd that eating pears doesn’t have any affect on your body but that when you drink pear cider you develop alle...

How to Cook Pears in a Frying Pan

Pears are a low-calorie, practically fat-free source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients. Saute them in a frying pan f...

How to Cook Fresh Pears

Pears are a soft and sweet fruit, which makes them perfect for a nutritious and tasty dessert recipe. You are able to find pears i...
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