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Sports Clothing and Gear

Instructions for Setting a Sportline Pedometer

Sportline is a Yonkers, New York, company that produces devices to manage exercise effectiveness and distance. The company website...

How Many Steps Make a Mile on a Pedometer?

Pedometers are a great way to keep track of distances walked, and they are easy to use. Most simply clip onto a belt or pants pock...

Compound Bows for Beginners

The sport of archery dates back thousands of years, but has always been linked to a specific skill using self-control and patience...

How Much Does a Pedometer Cost?

Determining the cost of a pedometer is simply a matter of what you want from a pedometer that will determine how much you spend. B...

The Best Walking Winter Boots for Women

The conditions you plan on walking through will determine what you should look for in a boot. The winter boot you'll want in Buffa...

Zoot Running Shoes Review

Founded in 1983 in Kona, Hawaii, Zoot Sports is a provider of multisport apparel worldwide, including compression gear, wetsuits a...

Do You Wear Shoes for Pilates?

When Joseph Pilates developed his exercise methodology, he was influenced by gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, boxing, bodybuilding ...

The Proper Way to Use a Walking Cane

A walking cane is useful if you have a weak or injured leg or if you have minor balance difficulties. Improper use of a cane can s...

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra?

A good sports bra is comfortable, doesn't dig into your skin and helps wick away sweat. A properly fitted sports bra may also ...

The Difference Between New Balance 608 & 608V2

New Balance says the 608V2 is simply the current model of the 608 series shoe. According to NB’s Customer Care Department, t...
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