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Stomach Pain

How to Avoid Catching a Stomach Virus

Viral gastroenteritis is commonly called the stomach flu or stomach virus. Many different viruses can cause viral gastroenteritis,...

What Are the Causes of Cramping Pains in the Stomach?

Cramping pain in the stomach is a common symptom that is usually a result of gas and bloating and in the majority of cases does no...

IBS & Nausea After Eating

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common digestive condition that causes irregularity in your large intestine. Nausea after eating is ...

Reasons for Occasional Stomach Pain After Taking Food

Occasional stomach pain after eating is normal and can be caused by various conditions, such as indigestion, food intolerances, a ...

Severe Abdominal Pain After Eating

Abdominal pain after eating is not normal, and may result from any of a very large list of possible causes. To understand your pai...

Stress & Stomach Pain After Eating

For as many as 35 to 70 percent of people, stress goes right to their stomach at some point in their lives, Harvard Health Publica...

Chronic Stomach Pain & Food Allergies

Chronic stomach pain from food allergies can be remedied by identifying which foods are causing the allergic reaction. Once identi...

Overeating Cheese and Stomach Pain

Overeating any food can cause stomach pain from indigestion, but stomach pain specifically from eating cheese is most likely relat...

Retaining Water After Eating Seaweed

With a centuries-long history of consumption by coastal cultures worldwide, seaweed offers a host of health benefits for modern me...

What Are the Causes of Recurrent Stomach Viruses in Children?

Stomach viruses, also known as gastroenteritis, are a common source of diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain for children. Recurrent s...
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