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Sun Damage

How Does the Sun Damage Eyes?

Most people know that the sun may cause skin cancer or dark “liver” spots that appear on the skin with age. As a resul...

Sun Damage Spots on the Skin

Sun damage spots, also called solar lentigines, sun spots, liver spots and age spots, are marks that commonly appear on sun-expose...

How to Treat Precancerous Sun Damage to Skin

The American Cancer Society states that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, with more than 1 million new cases diagnose...

Allergy to UV Light

Allergies are triggered by a variety of things that don't bother most of the population -- pet dander, dust mites, mold, insect st...

Sun Damage to Hair

Although your hair cannot get a sunburn or cancer, the sun can harm it in other ways. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultra-...

How to Repair Sun Damage on the Arm

Spending time in the sun is a regular pastime for people throughout the United States and much of the rest of the world. Unfortuna...

How to Treat Sun Damage to the Chest

Years of sun worship gave you a deep-golden tan that was the envy of island vacationers. The downside is that it also left you wit...

The Best Sun Damage Removal Creams

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can give you the bronze tan you love, but they also damage your skin. Repeated exposure to the sun m...

Tea Tree Oil for Precancerous Skin Lesions

According to a three-year study by the University of Western Australia, tea tree oil has been found to be an effective alternative...

Lemon Juice Remedy for Sun-Damaged Skin

Over the years, sun exposure can damage the skin and prematurely cause age spots, fine lines, discoloration, a dulled appearance a...
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