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Swollen Joints

Yoga to Regrow Hair

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev recommends yoga as a remedy for hair loss caused by stress, hormonal imbalance or poor circulation in the h...

Ankle Swelling Problems

Many types of disorders can cause ankle swelling, including injuries, inflammatory conditions, blood vessel abnormalities and syst...

Swollen Feet & Too Much Calcium

Too much calcium isn’t known to cause swollen feet. Instead, it’s likely the result of other factors. Some people deve...

How to Avoid Having Heavy Legs & Swelling of Ankles

Heavy legs and edema in the ankles occur due to vascular insufficiency. In other words, the blood flow in the legs is not adequate...

Does Sodium and Potassium Imbalance Lead to Swollen Ankles?

Sodium and potassium are minerals that work together to regulate the transport of nutrients into the body’s cells and remove...

How to Soothe Swollen & Sore Feet

Tired, aching feet can swell, leading to discomfort and hindered movement. Neglecting your feet can lead to further problems that ...

What Causes a Person's Ankles to Swell?

Many people experience swollen ankles. This swelling -- also called ankle edema -- can have several causes ranging from minor to ...

Fasting to Relieve Swollen Ankles

Edema, or the accumulation of water in body tissue, can be uncomfortable. The swelling can also be unsightly, especially if it aff...

Swollen Ankles at Nighttime

Swollen ankles are common during pregnancy or immediately following an injury, but if your ankles are swelling mainly at night, yo...

What Herbs Can Help With Swollen Ankles & Knees?

Swollen joints, such as knees and ankles, are usually the result of edema -- fluid collecting within the joint and surrounding tis...
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